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How to Get a Microsoft Certification
From your Computer Certification Guide

Find out all of the steps involved in getting your Microsoft cert.

Here's How:
  1. Research the cert you want to get. Find out everything you can about resources and study materials.
  2. STUDY. A lot. Preparation is the best way to ensure that you pass the exam. However if you do not pass, there is no limit to the number of times you can try without passing.
  3. Schedule your exam. Call either Sylvan Prometric (800-755-3926) or Virtual University Enterprises (888-837-9616) to register. You will need the exam name, date you want to take it and method of payment. Most Microsoft exams cost $100.
  4. Take the exam. Two forms of identification (one must be a photo ID) are required when you arrive at the testing center.
  5. Wait. Microsoft provides notification of your certification status within two to six weeks. You'll get a Welcome Package via mail that includes your certificate and a few goodies.
  6. Update your resume!

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