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A+ Certification All-In-One Exam Guide

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A+ Certification
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The Bottom Line

This is really a great certification book. It's well-written, well-organized, and if you buy it, will be money well-spent. It is appropriate for beginners and experts alike.
  • Conversational Tone
  • Extensive A+ Topic Coverage
  • Great For Beginners
  • Updated for 601, 602, 603, & 604 exams
  • Useful information on included CD-ROM
  • None


  • Good introduction with helpful exam and study information.
  • A + review questions and answers follow each chapter.
  • Filled with pictures and diagrams that aid in understanding each topic.
  • The writing style is easy to follow and keeps the reader's attention.
  • The included CD contains eight practice exams and 1 hour of video training, plus several other useful tools.

Guide Review - A+ Certification All-In-One Exam Guide

When I reviewed the fourth edition of this guide, I gave it 5 stars. Now that I have the sixth edition sitting on my desk, I can't help but give it the full 5 stars once again. The All-In-One guide has been updated for the new A+ exams, including the specialist exams, and continues to do an excellent job of teaching the material.

The A+ All-In-One Exam Guide will take you from beginner to expert and has the stated objective to make you a "great tech". From the start, the writing style is very clear and several simple but effective analogies are used to describe the inner workings of a computer. I really like the use of graphics, photos, and screen prints in this book. Much of the information needed for the exams, and to be an IT tech, is very visual so the images are very important. I also like the breakdown of the chapters into topics such as "Historical/Conceptual", "Essentials", "IT Technician", and "Beyond A+". For example, Meyer's doesn't just explain the power supply, he uses the "Historical/Conceptual" section to briefly explain electricity. He also includes an appendix that maps the chapter sections to the specific exam objectives for those who need targeted exam information. Overall, this is a great way to study and you will get a very well-rounded amount of knowledge that will help you long after you have passed the A+ exams.

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