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Review - PrepLogic Practice Exams

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The Bottom Line

For it's price of $49, the PrepLogic Network+ Practice Test is a capable and very reasonably priced study tool.
  • Great price.
  • Quality questions.
  • Free and automatic question updates.
  • Cannot save tests.
  • Limited features.


  • Free and automatic question updates.
  • Flash card mode.
  • Customizable practice test.
  • 215 challenging questions.

Guide Review - Review - PrepLogic Practice Exams

If you are looking for a bargain, then give PrepLogic a try. The prices are great and the content of the practice tests is excellent. Most of their products hover around the $50 mark, which is really unbeatable. PrepLogic was recently selected to provide practice tests for the ExamCram 2 series of books. The reviews have been excellent and I encourage you to download a free demo to view the quality of the questions. More questions would be great. Some more features would be terrific. This one almost earned four stars just for price but it is really just a capable test simulator, not an outstanding one.
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