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CIW Site and E-Commerce Design

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Certification CIW
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The Bottom Line

This is a great volume for anyone working on their CIW Master Designer certification.
  • Handles all CIW exam objectives.
  • Well-written and covers both designer exams.
  • Utilizes hands-on exercises.
  • Good for exam prep but not as reference volume.


  • The Study Guide includes three practice exams and a CD-ROM.
  • The hands-on exercises ensure that you know the material.
  • The provided CD-ROM provides additional sources of good study tools and information.

Guide Review - CIW Site and E-Commerce Design

At 960 pages, this study guide gives you 19 chapters and hundreds of review questions. Written in typical Sybex style, you will find a familiar and clear layout, excellent examples, and few mistakes. The study guide takes you through the fundamentals of design methodology and related technologies and then delves into the strategies and practices of E-Commerce development. It's only drawback is that you may have to resist the urge to skim due to the size of the book. After all, it prepares you for two complete exams. If you read it closely and use the review questions, you will have all of the materials you need to pass the exams with relative ease.
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