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Two certifications for those in the business of internet marketing have been brought to my attention by a reader. These are the Certified eMarketer and Certified Internet Marketing and Business Strategist. Both of these are considered entry-level certifications and are appropriate for students and professionals. They delve into the world of internet marketing and cover such topics as internet technologies, email marketing, online behaviors, and ethical issues.

Certified eMarketer (CeMA)

Basic Info: This is a two-level certification. Level one is geared towards high school students, level two towards college students and professionals.
Exam: 300 questions (100 for level one, 200 for level two).
Recertification Requirements: No expiration of certification.
Document professional development activities for continued certification.
Prerequisites: Basic understanding of internet for level one. Understanding of internet and marketing, economics, and business concepts for level two.
Costs: Highly dependant on student status. For non-members and non-students the cost of the full exam (level one and two) is $384. Many colleges offer this as part of a class for $40 per student. Check the website for more information.
Topics Covered: Basic internet technologies, email marketing, ethical issues, hardware and applications for e-marketing, website design, search engines, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, banner advertising.
More Information from the emarketing Association

Certified Internet Marketing and Business Strategist (CIMBS)

Basic Info: This certification represents an accreditation program based on education and professional experience.
Exam: None
Requirements: Previous certification (UBC Certificate in Internet Marketing, UBC Certificate in eBusiness, or BCIT Associate Certificate in Electronic Commerce), or application for certification based on education and experience. Education and experience are judged on a point system detailed on their website.
Recertification: Continuing education programs recognized by the International Internet Marketing Association.
More information from the International Internet Marketing Association
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