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One of the biggest trials for many job-seekers is creating the perfect resume. You can find a professional to do it for you, or you can use a template, but if you are a victim of the do-it-yourself attitude (like most of us in IT) then you need to know how to include your IT skills in a clean and readable format. You also need to make sure to utilize important keywords. Whether your resume is already online, or still in paper form, it is likely to end up in a database at some point and you need to make sure it comes up in the right searches.

  • The first step to including your technology-related skills is to make a simple list. Write down the things you know enough about to be comfortable discussing in an interview. Keep the items with which you are most proficient near the top of the list.
  • Step two is to categorize your skills. Do any of them fall under a general heading such as "Network Security" or "Database Administration"? If you can list several of these category-level skills, they can be used on the resume in a separate section. They can also be used as descriptions in your summary or objective section. For example: "Skilled professional with over five years of experience as a Web Developer and Network Administrator."
  • List your certifications. If you have more than two, you will want to include them in your technology section. If you have two or less, move them to an "Education and Certification" section. Your education section can be placed at the bottom of the resume if your experience outweighs your education, or towards the top of the resume if you are a recent grad, new to IT, hold a graduate degree, or are currently working on furthering your education.
  • Make sure to format the information so that it is readable, and very easy to scan at a glance. Bullets are great for this, but don't get too carried away and bullet ad nauseam. Using tables and strategic shading are also good ways to organize your information.
  • Finally, take a look at some samples. They are relatively easy to find on the internet and I have provided a couple on a separate page.

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