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Aug 10 2005
So you want to know the impact of certification on your salary? Here is the scoop. Out of over 700 who have responded to our salary survey, un-certified respondants make only $35,000 while the average salary of certified professionals hovers around $50,000 per year. The bottom line: it pays to be certified. As expected, the results show that the higher level certifications will earn you more while the entry level certifications still give you a needed boost.
The gender gap seems to have closed with men averaging $41,700 and women bringing in $42,200. For those of you aiming for additional certs, the CCNA is the most popular with the MCSE a very close second. Other contendors were the MCP, A+, Security+, and MCSA.
If you do not see your certification listed, be sure to take the survey and add your results. Results for the ongoing 2005 salary survey will begin being posted in mid-2005 so be sure to check back.

So with no further ado, here are the final results for 2004 . . .

Average Salary By Certification

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