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Outsourcing Pros and Cons


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The primary pro is that sending jobs to other contries stimulates trade and actually creates a stronger economy in the U.S., and in the long run, more jobs. According to this theory, once lower-skilled jobs leave the U.S., the higher valued jobs are left for the Americans to snap up. However, this is tough to swallow for employees in the U.S. who are facing the possible loss of jobs and a tougher job market.


The obvious "con" is the loss of jobs here in the U.S. even in the midst of a strenghthening economy. Although the global outlook supports outsourcing in both IT and manufacturing, Americans are trying to resist the push to send jobs overseas. Although it has not yet passed as law, there is a move in the Senate, which passed 70 to 26, to limit the outsourcing of work paid for with federal funds. This issue is being used as a political lever for Democrats in campaigning against the difficult economy under President Bush.
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