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We all know that the need for security certifications is on the rise, but how many of us have considered the alternate aspect of computer security: cyber-crime. Computer crime represents one of the fastest growing crime rates in the country and the need for computer forensics is growing. Given this, it is not surprising that there are several computer forensics certifications out there and they range in topic from computer crimes against children to file system recovery. If you are interested in becoming a cybercrime investigator and getting a computer forensics certification, read on.

Computer Forensics Certification Programs & Training

The EnCase Certified Examiner Program offers certifications for those who have mastered their EnCase Guidance Software. Training courses and a copy of the software are required to gain the certification. This program is very reasonably priced at $200 for the exam (available through Prometric).

Computer Forensic External Certification (CCE)
Originally designed for law enforcement by the IACIS, this certification is now open to those with the experience and knowledge to complete the rigorous testing. The exam costs $750.

GCFA - GIAC Certified Forensics Analyst
The GCFA deals directly with incident handling scenarios and investigations of networks and hosts. This is useful not only for law enforcement but for corporate incident response teams as well.

Q/FE Qualified Forensics Expert
This less of a traditional certification than an in-depth training class with an exam and certificate at the end. The materials included will prepare you to find the cause of attack, compile evidence, and handle corporate repercussions. The cost of the course is US $2,995

  • CFCE
    If you are an active law enforcement officer, the IACIS offers the Certified Electronic Evidence Collection Specialist Certification (CEECS) and Certified Forensic Computer examiner (CFCE). Both are intense courses of study and cost around $1700 for training, software, and certification.

TruSecure ICSA Certified Security Associate
Although it is not directly a forensics certification, this overall security certification is highly respected and covers essential forensics procedures.

CCE - Certified Computer Examiner
You'll get a full dose of the technical side of data recovery and handling, but this certification stresses the importance of "following sound evidence handling and storage procedures and following sound examination procedures". The exam is $395 and many self-study materials are available.

Computer Forensic Training Online
Get online training and CCE certification through Kennesaw State University. The course fee is $2700.

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