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Check Point
Definition: This certification is designed for network and security administrators who need to implement and maintain virtual private networks (VPN) with CheckPoint's FireWall-1. Intensive encryption, firewall and VPN skills are provided with this certification. 

To Obtain:

  • Must be CCSA certified.
  • Requires one CCSE exam, which costs about $100.
  • A 2-day hands-on course is available for about 2,000-2,500, including the cost of the exam.
  • Testing is done through VUE.
  • There is also a CCSE Plus certification which requires an additional test and enhances knowledge of the VP1 and FireWall-1 enterprise systems.
  • Recertification is required for new versions of Check Point Software. Certifications are valid for the current release and the release immediately prior.

Also Known As: Check Point Certified Security Expert

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