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Cisco CCNP Practice Test
30 Free Cisco CCNP Practice Questions for the 640-604 Exam


Read the question and then click on the checkbox that contains the correct answer(s). The small field to the immediate right of the question will either display "Yes" if you are correct or "No" if you have selected the wrong answer.

Click on the "Explanation" button to find out more about the answer and click "Next Question" to continue the CCNP Practice test.

Your answers are not graded, so keep track of the topics which with you had difficulty.

There is a poll and additional Cisco resources on the final page of the CCNP Practice test so be sure to finish. Good luck!

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Question 1

Multiple stations receive the frame and each of them processes to check if the frame is intended for it. What kind of frame would this be?

a. Unicast

b. Multicast

c. Broadcast

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