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Guide Picks - Top CompTIA Certification Books
Ratings Key
Good Study Tool
Highly Recommended
1) All-in-One Exam Guide
Michael Meyers

With the all new pre-assessment exam, CD-ROM video, and proven techniques, this book will prepare you for your A+ exams.
Guide Rating: | Web Review
2) A+ Certification for Dummies with CD-ROM 
Ron Gilster

Prepare for the two A+ exams with this book and CD set. This will prepare you for the exam as well as make you a capable hardware technician. The book forgoes pictures for clear line drawings, making for an easier and more universal approach to the A+.
Guide Rating

1) I-Net+ Exam Cram
Emmett A. Dulaney & Martin Weiss

Focuses on helping you prepare to pass the Internetworking+ exam and serves as a complement to the i-Net+ Exam Prep.

Guide Rating
2) I-Net+ Exam Prep
Tim Catura-Houser, Laurel Ann Dumas, & Matt Simmons

This prep book will help you analyze your educational and professional background and offer suggestions about preparation and study. It uses comprehensive exam objectives and real-world projects to build your skills and confidence.
Guide Rating
David Groth

This one gets great reviews and is completely updated for the latest CompTIA exams.
Guide Rating: | Web Review
2) Mike Meyers' Network+ Certification Passport
Micheal Myers

Yet another great study guide from one of the biggest names in the field.
Guide Rating  
1) Server+ Certification Bible with CD-ROM 
Trevor Kay

This book gets pretty good reviews on the Barnes&Noble site and covers all of the topics necessary for you to get your Server+ certification.
Guide Rating:
2)Server+ Study Guide
Gary Govanus, Jarret Buse, & William Heldman

In addition to the excellent resources in the books, the CD contains an additional practice exam, electronic flashcards for your PC and Palm devices, the book in PDF, and a bonus exam appearing only on the CD.
Guide Rating
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