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Top Five Certification Websites

As with just about everything on the internet, there is so much information you can get lost before you even know where you are going. In searching for links for this site I have come across some really great sites and some really terrible sites. There are a few which stand out as being especially useful, and most importantly, are easy to access and provide the majority of their content for free. If I have to spend too much time giving them my life history before I can see anything or am forced to subscribe to a newsletter that I have no desire to read, then I am not likely to send you there. In this eternal search for good, quick, and reliable information I have come across the following great sites. They are listed here in no particular order. I reference these quite a lot on this site so if you want specific information on your individual quest for a certification, use the links provided to the left.

With no further ado, here are the sites, with some of their best and worst features listed . . .

Exam Reviews
Great News and Discussion Forums
Feature Articles Worth Reading
Targeted Community Centers
Very Few Practice Exams

Excellent, comprehensive list of certifications from a long list of vendors.
Free Quizzes
Training Locator Resource
No Registration
SearchCertify tool that provides tons of links.

Certification Magazine
Lots of links to good information
Timely news and features.
Information for IT contractors.
Difficult to navigate & lots of ads.

Loads of Links, categorized by vendor.
Comparison Shopping for Books
It's just a portal, so outside of Forums, not much original content.

Excellent Study Guides
Tech Library
Tech Library is free but you have to register to see the study guides. The good news is that the registration is easy; just your basic name and email information.

Keep in mind that these sites provide information on a variety of certifications. There are lots of sites out there for your specific area of interest so use the links on the left to get more detailed information.

As my opinion on this subject changes I will publish information on additional websites. There should be a Top 10 list looming in the future. Feel free to submit your favorite certification site via email.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas for this site, be sure to send me an email and let me know what you are thinking!

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