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Full Product Review
SCJP 1.4

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Java Certification

If you are in the market for Java Certification Training for your SCJP 1.4 exams then you need to consider the WhizLabs Test Simulator.

Installation & Interface

I installed the Whizlabs SCJP 1.4 Exam Simulator with no problems. You must already have Java Runtime Environment installed for the simulator to work, but that did not cause an issue. My first foray into the software was to try out a 10 question timed quiz on Language Fundamentals. The quiz interface is easy to use and you get to specify a time limit for your questions. I enterd 10 seconds per question. I typically answered the questions quickly and would have liked a "next" button to advance to the next question rather than waiting for the timer.

My next adventure was the actual practice test. You can run a quick 10 question trial to get used to the interface but this is not really necessary as the interface is very clean and simple. The tests display a question, answers and a few options. You can go back, next, review your results so far, go to a specific question, and finish at any time. The window is clear and the options are intuitive. One thing about this simulator that I found nicer than some others is that window can be maximized to fill your screen. This seems to provide a bit more focus and leaves you feeling that the software itself is more substantial than some of its simulator counterparts.


  • The Java certification simulator includes 8 practice tests, a diagnostic test, a customized test, and a final test (610 questions in all).
    • The diagnostic test is to be taken first and will help you identify strengths and weaknesses.
    • The customized allows you to focus on your weaknesses by selecting a topic and level of difficulty.
    • The final test presents you with questions that are unique and not found in any of the other testing modes. The Final should be saved for last (as the name implies!) and will give you a good estimation of your readiness for the real exam.
  • At any point in time you can review your work by taking advantage of the "Review" button on the testing window. Keep in mind that the timer continues to count down as you do this.
  • A report can be generated for each test you take and will show you a breakdown of your results. You can retake this exact test or save these results and begin a new test.
  • An overall report can be generated for all saved tests.

Bottom Line

For some reason I have the urge to compare this to a car and cannot help but think of it as the Toyota of practice exams. It is easy to handle, economical, and will get you where you are going with grace and speed. I have not taken the SCJP exam and have to rely on a Java certified friend's opinion that the questions are of a level and complexity that is representative of the SCJP exam. The bottom line is: you will not go wrong with this product, download a trial version and check it out.

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