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Benefits of the CompTIA A+ Certification


The CompTIA A+ Certification Exam is considered the industry standard in terms of measuring a technicians hardware and software knowledge. Those possessing the certification are more likely to receive higher salaries and 85% of these individuals choose to further their careers. By adding more certifications to your portfolio the career paths become even more valuable and diverse.

Here are some of the benefits of certification:

  • Satisfaction
  • More Career Options
  • Higher Salary
  • Proof that you are serious
  • Money Saver
  • Money Maker
  • Benefits to your employer


Knowing that you have the knowledge required to pass the A+ certification exam can be a great moral booster. You can be assured that new employers will take you seriously and your current employer will take notice.

More Career Options

The possibilities for advancement are almost endless once you begin your career in the IT industry with the CompTIA A+ Certification. These are just a few of the fields you can be a part of:
  • Help Desk Technician
  • PC Technician
  • Field Service Technician
  • Manufacturing
  • Start your own computer repair business.

Higher Salary

On average, certified professionals make 5-15% than their non certified peers.

Proof that you are serious

While not all employers require certification, having the CompTIA logo on your resume says more than enough about how motivated you are as a professional.

Money Saver

No more running to the local repair shop and handing over your hard earned dollars to have someone else fix your computer.

Money Maker

Who knows? Maybe you can replace the local repair shop, or at least help out your neighbor.

As you can see, this short list in itself has many good reasons to become certified. Here are a few more examples we can add to the list. Knowing that you have successfully passed the CompTIA A+ Exam according to the requirements can be an extreme moral booster when you decide to take your career to the next level. Which leads us to the next benefit, some of the larger multi-part certification tracks actually give you credit for having the A+ certification. The mid-level Microsoft MCSA track is one such example.

What are Company benefits for the A+ Certification?

  • Increased customer satisfaction & repeat business
  • Use of the A+ logo
  • Increased productivity due to skilled workers
  • Measurable competence standards
  • Simplified recruiting and hiring
  • Lower training costs
  • Some companies like IBM, HP and CompUSA may even require that their employees obtain the A+ certification during their employment.


There are many benefits both personally and professionally to having the CompTIA A+ certification. Higher salaries and extended career path options usually rank at the top of the list. Some of the more well known companies actually require certification and you will more likely be asked to join a "special projects" team with these companies if you possess the certification.

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