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Top 5 A+ Study Tools


If you are thinking of becoming an A+ certified computer technician, then you are in the market for some study tools. There are several good ways to study for the A+ exams; books, software, and classroom training will all help you get certified. You'll find the best of the best right here in our Top Five A+ Study Tools.

1. A+ Certification All-In-One Exam Guide

From Micheal Meyers, and with the all new pre-assessment exam, CD-ROM practice questions, and proven techniques, this book will prepare you for your A+ exams. From beginner to expert, this is the one book you will need to get an A+ Certification.

2. Transcender A+ Products

Transcender offers several tools for study, from practice tests, to flash instruction, to instructor led training on CD. Costs range from $129 to $229, depending on the combination of products purchased.

3. The A+ Certification and PC Repair Handbook

As both a certification prep book and as a reference for PC technicians, this book is excellent. All of the material is presented clearly and practically with a matter-of-fact approach to topics and tons of review and practice questions. The CD is particularly helpful, containing more practice questions and video tutorials. You really won't go wrong with this one.

4. Preplogic Audio Trainer

If you need to study on the fly and would like a companion study tool to your books, then this the product for you. You can listen to CD's that include practice questions and explanations.

5. About.com A+ Certification Guide

Finally, if you need more resources, including more books and practice tests, I have compiled a more thourough look at the A+ certification. Here you will get more top books, more software reviews, and more information on A+ requirments and costs.

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Do you agree or disagree with these top picks? Do you know of good or better products? Voice your opinion and find out what study tools others are using to get A+ certified.

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