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Get Credit for Your Certification

Earn university credit while getting your certification.


Go back to school and get certified.

If you are heading back to school, it may interest you to know that there are several universities, colleges, and technical schools that work in conjunction with training providers to award credit towards a certification or degree.

You may be able to apply training courses and exams taken while earning your certification towards a degree program. On the flip side, several classes that you may be taking now could very well earn you a computer certification.

Virtual universities are more adaptable.

As you may expect, virtual universities (e.g. AIU Online and Phoenix University) are much more apt to offer credit for your certification and training. These institutions are geared towards flexibility in earning your degrees.

Traditional schools tend to be more conservative in handing out credit and look for a very close match in course design between their established courses and the certification courses. If there is close parallel between their degree path and the the courses taken for your certification then they are more likely to participate.

Most of these programs fall under the heading of continuing education. If your school is not listed with any certification or continuing ed programs, try talking to your department head about earning certification accreditation.

Programs, schools, and universities that offer credit.

The following list provides a quick look at some of the programs currently offered. There are many more out there so be sure to check with your school or institution to find out what types of credit they may recognize.

Credit for Certification Training

  • ACE (American Council on Education) has a college recommendation program which is specifically designed to help you put your training or certification towards a college degree.

  • LearningTree has partnered with the University of Phoenix and ACE (see above) to offer college credit for their training products.

  • CompTIA hosts a search tool that helps you find colleges that offer credit for CompTIA certifications.
  • SkillSoft has alliances with several universities. If you purchase and master their training products you can receive college credit.

  • SmartCertify offers college credit for six of their MCP courses.

  • Magellan.edu offers continuing education credits for all of their courses.

  • Live in Colorado? Get credit for your MOUS, MCSE, Cisco, or CIW certifications with AIMS University when you train at New Horizons.
  • Schools and Universities

  • ISIM University offers online degree and graduate degree programs. They also offer certification programs in Project Management and Information Systems. Credit for certificate courses will transfer to graduate degree programs.

  • Excelsior College in New York awards credit for completion of examinations offered for certification by certain technology vendors (e.g., Microsoft®, CompTIA® etc.).

  • University of Phoenix Online If you have had professional training or have served in the military, you may be able to convert previous experience into academic credits.

  • The University of Illinois sponsors an online program to earn a certification in Linux or Web Developement.

  • Online College Info provides information on college certificate programs which are shorter than a degree program and give you a credential much like a regular vendor certification.
  • Certification for Credit

  • The Association of Web Professionals (AWP) offers three levels of certification. These certifications can be earned by taking approved college courses. There is a list of accredited schools on their site.

  • Certified E-Commerce Consultant CEC™ Certification can be earned by taking classes at affiliated universities.

  • Get credit for your Certified in Integrated Resource Management (CIRM) or Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) certifications.
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