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When we think of IT (Information Technology) we tend to focus on development, network and database issues. It's easy to forget that before sending work out to the user there is a crucial middleman. That person or team is Quality Assurance.

QA comes in many forms, from the developer who tests her own code, to the testing gurus who work with automated testing tools. Many vendors and groups have recognized testing as an integral part of the development and maintenance process and have developed certifications to standardize and demonstrate knowledge of the QA process and testing tools.

Vendors who offer Testing Certifications:

Vendor-Neutral Testing Certifications:

Although this list is short, the links above go to sites that offer more niche certifications for you to research. Those listed here are respected in IT and are a must-have for anyone considering an entry into the world of testing and Quality Assurance. For additional information and links regarding testing certifications, visit the Testing Certifications Subject on this site.
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