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Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)


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Description: This certification was developed for designers, web publishers, desktop publishers, developers and other business professionals who want to demonstrate proficiency with single or multiple Adobe products.
  • Must pass a 1-2 hr product-specific Adobe Product Proficiency Exam. The ACE can be acheived for Illustrator, Acrobat, FrameMaker, GoLive, After Effects, InDesign, LiveMotion, PageMaker, Photoshop, and Premiere.
  • Exams are delivered via computer and consist of 60-90 multiple choice questions (closed-book).
  • Recertification is required with each new version but Adobe offers a 25% discount on recertification exams.
Costs: The exam costs approximately $150 and is administered by Prometric.
Training: It is particularly difficult to find study guides for the ACE exams. However, there are a few good online training resources and practice tests out there. Here they are: As for books, Adobe recommends the "Classroom in a Book" series to help you prepare. Just pay attention to the exam objectives to make sure you cover the appropriate topics.
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