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Description: The Certified Usability Analyst is a program designed by Human Factors International (HFI) to certify the skills of professionals responsible for the design of end user interfaces.

HFI's site for more information

Certification Requirements: HFI offers a complete training program consisting of four courses and one exam. The exam is administered twice per year online and can be taken independent of the training courses.

Course 1: The Science and Art of Effective Web and Application Design
Course 2: User-Centered Analysis and Conceptual Design
Course 3: Usability Testing
Course 4: Putting Research Into Practice

Costs: Each training course costs from $995 to $1,355 each.
The exam costs $150 if the four training courses have been completed, or $500 if taken without completing the HFI training.
The package price for all courses and the exam is $3,975 and all training and the exam must be completed within two years.
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