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Stand Out in the IT Industry Earn your CCIE


A New Job Market

If there is anything certain about the IT job market it’s that the IT job market is uncertain. Recent months have shown an upswing in available positions that indicates a turn around on the horizon. Although things look encouraging, it’s still a long way from the boom days of the 90’s when tech positions were a plenty and demand was such that companies had to offer jaw dropping salaries and brow lifting perks to persuade a candidate to grace them with their presence.

Even with the noticeable increase in open positions and the positive outlook for the industry, the job market remains highly competitive and companies demand a bigger bang for the buck. If you want to stand out in the crowd of hungry IT professionals, it’s essential that you possess industry leading skills, qualifications and certifications. In no other area of the IT sector is this truer than in networking. And standing out in the networking field means possessing a CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) certification.

Companies rely on internet connectivity, internal networking infrastructure and web presence today as they did on the PBX, Inter-Office Mail Systems and yellow page ads in the 80’s. High tech business is no longer a luxury enjoyed by the elite corporations. Internet technology has become main stream and is now the key ingredient to how companies communicate both internally and with their customers. It’s absolutely crucial to run a business in today’s demanding culture of immediate gratification. Companies are looking for extensive backgrounds in networking with a high degree of sophistication and certifications that prove you are not simply competent, but completely proficient.


There are numerous vendor and industry certifications and as many opinions on which are the most important and beneficial to add to your resume. But none hold as much value and prestige as Cisco’s CCIE. Considered the PhD of networking, the CCIE helps professionals earn some of the highest salaries in the industry during boom periods, and ensure job security when the market softens. Not only does the CCIE professional possess the most extensive knowledge in networking, they have CCIE level support with Cisco. When a CCIE calls into Cisco for support, Cisco knows it’s probably serious and they don’t waste time with standard escalation. A CCIE has the experience and resources to resolve networking problems quickly and effectively and are a value add to any company to ensure network stability.

Students who have successfully obtained their CCIE certification often report that they found new, more lucrative positions simply because the CCIE was added to their resume. Mark Mestdagh, CCIE #14029 says “I found myself starting a new position with the Dutch government because of my CCIE. They hired me without even meeting me personally. They needed a CCIE, saw that I possessed one and offered me a position to start in 3 weeks. Unbelievable!” Mark not only increased his salary and future earning potential, he says he has more confidence both professionally and personally. “Having a CCIE makes you feel unique in a certain way. It’s not just the CCIE itself, it’s knowing I’ve gained so much knowledge from the boot camp. I’m confident in what I know, not just in the certificate.”

Mark’s story is not unique. In interviewing former students, many reported acquiring new positions or advancements with increased pay, while the majority reported a greater sense of job stability, financial security and professional confidence. They do not fear layoffs or lack of employment opportunities. In fact, many of our students report being contacted by recruiters on a frequent basis. You simply cannot underestimate the value of a CCIE in the IT job market; even with all its uncertainty.

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