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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Get Certified


5. Career advancement is for corporate big-shots concerned with success, not for you.

Certification might give employers the idea that you are motivated and want to succeed. That's really not the impression that you want to make. It's much easier to stay in the same job and not worry about annoying promotions. Knowing the Do's and Dont's for Your IT Career definitely would not interest you.

4. You're idea of personal growth is that stuff growing in your belly button.

The satisfaction that comes with taking and passing tests is highly overrated. Contemplating that belly button fuzz is far more stimulating.

3. The whole process of figuring out which certification you should get is just too confusing.

The fact is, your just not that smart and knowing that there are loads of resources on the internet to help you is more information than you need. In fact, if you knew that articles like,

were out there, your head just might explode from the strain.

2. Who has time to study? Certainly not you.

It's true. To get a certification you have to study and that is just too much work. All of those cool audio trainers and podcasts and practice tests on cd are really still too much trouble for you, the consummate couch-potato.

1. Money can't buy happiness, so why do you need more?

Salary Surveys prove that certification causes your salary to go up and you don't need more money. Right?


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