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Top 10 Best Places to Start


Jumping into the world of computer certification can be daunting. There are hundreds of certifications and even more classes, books and training materials that claim to be the latest and greatest. The following articles, lists, tips, and FAQs will help you wade through the confusion and come out certified.

1. How to Get Certified

Getting a computer certification might seem intimidating. However, a bit of guidance and some tips on study and training will help you get on your way. Find out "How To Get Certified".

2. Which certification is more respected?

Should I get this cert or that cert? Which certification is more respected by those in the IT industry? Those are tough questions. Here are my answers.

3. How do I transition to IT from my current career?

With the modern emphasis on computers and the internet, a lot of people want to take their experience and apply it to a career in IT (Information Technology). If this is your goal, here are some ideas on how to break into a new career. Another good article to check on this topic is "Top 10 Certifications to Begin Your IT Career"

4. Top Picks Lists

One of the best ways for me to recommend products and even certifications is through the use of "Top Picks" lists. I have picked the top certifications for freelancers, the top software training products, the top books for A+, and lots more. This is a great resource for finding the information you need.

5. 2005 Salary Survey Results

Is certification really worth the time and effort? Do people with certifications actually earn more? In short, yes. Here is the survey to prove it. Earnings are broken down by certification, gender, education, expereience, and location.

6. Certification Survey Results

Questions such as, "What credential is the most important", and "How long should certifications remain valid" were asked of readers on this site. The answers will give you some insight into the perception and importance of certification.

7. Can You Afford Training?

Decisions regarding certification training and which materials to buy can be tough. Get the scoop on the costs of different types of certification training, including books, videos, and classroom training.

8. Certification List

It's not complete, but here are many links to information and articles for popular certifications. The requirements and titles continue to change as quickly as the technologies they certify, so be sure to go directly to the official site for a certification to get the latest information.

9. What is a certification and how to I get one?

This offers more of the basics: find out what certifications are out there, why you should get certified, and how to go about attaining a certification.

10. Earn University Credit for Your Certification

Going back to school? Find out which universities, colleges, and technical schools are offering courses that will qualify you for a computer certification.

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