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ERP Certifications

Find out what you need to know about obtaining your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Certification.
PeopleSoft Enterprise 9 Certifications
Oracle now offers certification on PeopleSoft. Find out how to get this certification, what it costs, and where to get training.
CIERP - Certified Implementer of Enterprise Resource Planning
Find out what it takes to become CIERP (Certified Implementer of Enterprise Resource Planning) certified.
CNERPS - Certified Novice of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Find out what it takes to get the CNERPS (Certified Novice of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems) certification from Cibres.
J.D. Edwards Learning Paths
Learning path overviews show the entire listing of courses for a particular area, such as Financial. You can find training locations and tons of other J.D. Edwards information on their site.
PeopleSoft Certifications Retire
On June 30, 2005, PeopleSoft Certifications were officially retired. Anyone who held a certification before that date continue to retain their status as a PeopleSoft certified consultant or professional.
Cibres ERP Certification
Information on the recently devloped Cibres CIERP (Certified Implementer of Enterprise Resource Planning) certification. The certification will show that you have the basic skills necessary to successfully implement and maintain an ERP system.
ERP Exam Questions
Also from Cibres, you can find out how much you know about ERP with this short test.
ERP Forums
ERPFans.com hosts a forum for those of you in the ERP jungle. This one deals mainly with J.D. Edwards but additional forums can be found at PeopleSoft Fans, Oracle Fans, Baan Fans, and SAP Fans.
eXegeSys Training
XSU offers classes and other training options for the eXegeSys ERP product.
ERP Salary Survey
From ComputerJobs.com, this salary survey is compiled based on user input from ERP professionals. Enter your information and compare your salary to others.

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