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IT Job Websites

There are several great career websites created just for those in Information Technology. If you are in the job market, check out this list of sites.
Top Job Sites
From the About.com Guide to Job Searching, here are the job sites with the most listings.
Another big site with tons of results and features.
CISSP Job Search
Job search tool for CISSP and other information technology professionals.
One of the largest job sites for IT professionals. Gives hundreds of results for "certification".
This one is unique. They gather postings directly from the employer's page and will email a text resume through the employer's site.
If you are a Guru in your area of expertise, than this is the job board for you. You will find thousands of IT-related jobs.
IT Associations
From ITJobs.com, view a long list of Professional Associations for IT.
Another job board for the IT world. It yields fewer, but very targeted results.
This is a smaller site but is aimed directly at the IT industry.
This is a good site for all jobs, but there is a specific area for IT. You can type your certification in as search criteria in the "Skills" field and get good results. A search for MCSE in Dallas returned 12 job postings.
It's definitely a monster of a site. A quick search for "certification" resulted in more than 5000 hits.
The name says it all. Although its smaller than Dice, if you are a techie, you can find a job here.

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