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Free Certification Practice Tests Here on About.com

If you want the cheapest way to study, try our free practice tests here on About.com. Some of these are written by me, others are contributed by readers and vendors. All are free and will help you prepare for your certification exams.
CCNP 642-811 Practice Test
Here are 16 questions to help you prepare for the CCNP 642-811 exam.
CCNA Practice Test
32 Questions (from CertSavvy)
CCNA Practice Test
20 Questions (from Whizlabs)
CCNP Switching Practice Test
30 Questions (from Whizlabs)
Java SCBCD Practice Test
20 Questions (from Whizlabs)
Java SCEA Practice Test
29 Questions (from Whizlabs)
Java SCJP Practice Test
30 Questions (from Whizlabs)
MCAD, MCSD .NET 70-305 Practice Test
10 Questions (from uCertify)
MCDST 70-271 Practice Test from uCertify.com
uCertify.com has come through for us yet again with 15 free practice questions for the MCSD 70-271 exam. You'll also find some great study tips at the bottom of each page and explanations for each question at the end of the test. It's basically a mini-study guide for the 70-271 exam. Good luck!
MCSD, MCSE 70-315 Practice Test
16 Free MCSD 70-315 Practice Questions from Whizlabs.com
MCSE 70-290 Practice Test
20 Questions (from Whizlabs)
OCP 1Z0-001 Practice Test
20 Questions (from Whizlabs)
PMP Practice Questions
Provided by the experts over at Whizlabs, here are 20 questions to help you find out if you are ready to take the PMP exam. Good Luck!
SCJP CX 310-035 Practice Test
20 Free OCP Practice Questions from UCertify.com
SCMAD Practice Test
20 Free SCMAD Practice Questions from Whizlabs.com

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