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20 PMP Practice Questions

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Whizlabs, a global leader in IT certification exam preparation, recently launched the Exam Simulator for the PMP Certification Exam. The following quiz is an excerpt from the Whizlabs Exam Simulator, a powerful tool designed to ensure your success on the exam. For a detailed version, please visit Whizlabs' website.

Each page contains five questions. A link to answers and explanations for each question is located at the bottom of the page. Good luck!

Question 1

Question Statement:
Which of the following is a tool used to secure expert judgment?

A. Peer review
B. Delphi technique
C. Expected value technique
D. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Question 2

Question Statement:
Based on the information provided below, which project would you recommend pursuing?

Project I, with BCR (Benefit Cost ratio) of 1:1.6;
Project II, with NPV of US $ 500,000;
Project III, with IRR (Internal rate of return) of 15%
Project IV, with opportunity cost of US $ 500,000.

A. Project I
B. Project III
C. Either project II or IV
D. Can not say from the data provided

Question 3

Question Statement:
What should be done by the project manager to ensure that all work in the project is included?

A. Create a contingency plan
B. Create a risk management plan
C. Create a WBS
D. Create a scope statement

Question 4

Question Statement:
What kind of a relationship is implied when completion of a successor is dependent on initiation of its predecessor?


Question 5

Question Statement:
What should a project manager do or follow to ensure clear boundaries for project completion?

A. Scope verification
B. Complete a scope statement
C. Scope definition
D. Risk management plan

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