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Description: The American Academy of Project Managers offers three levels of project management certification: PME ™ Project Manager E-Business, CIPM ™ Certified International Project Manager and MPM ™ Master Project Manager. Each of these is targeted towards managers and executives and require graduate degrees and a high level of experience.
Requirements: All three certifications, the PME, CIPM, and MPM require at least three years of verifiable project management experience. In lieu of PM experience, there are several training programs and seminars that are approved by the AAPM to obtain certification.

Advanced standing is given to those with recognized degrees and MBAs, members of the Military, and Veterans with Project Management experience and training.

Costs: Renewal of certification is required one year after your application is approved. To maintain good standing you must pay $300.
More Information: Approved List of Training

Certification Requirements

This certification is essentially awarded via an application process that will review your credentials and experience and determine whether to award certification. Basically, you can send them your resume and the "Board of Standards" will determine if you are qualified. The certification, once you are accepted, is free for one year but will require that you cough up $300 per year to keep your good standing with AAMP.
There is an online exam that can also be taken to determine your level of PM knowledge, although it is not required for certification.
You can find the online application and more information on the AAPM website.

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