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Convergence Technologies Professional (CTP) Certification


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Description: The CTP program was updated in 2007 to include several new objectives and topics on the exam. Those who took the exam prior to February 2007 are CTP 2002 certified whereas those who took it after are CTP 2007 certified.

The CTP certification is designed around three primary areas:

  • Data and IP networking for convergent networks,
  • Voice and telephony services, functions and technologies,
  • and Convergence Technologies.
Five years of experience is recommended and the CTP is considered a first step towards a product-specific certification such as the AVA or a Cisco IP Telephony certification.
  • Five years of experience in Data Networking, Telephony Networking, and Convergence Technology is recommended as well as a CCNT certification.
  • Pass one 65 question exam with a grade of 75% or higher.
Costs: The single exam costs $125 and you can register through Pearson VUE.
Recertification: The CTP is a lifetime certification so recertification is not required. However, taking updated exams every two years is encouraged to prove that you are current in the field.
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