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Study for Your Certification Exams


Studying for a certification test is neither cheap or easy. We'll help you decide how you want to study, plus figure out what products will work best with your time and budget.
  1. Certification Prep Options
  2. Practice Tests
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Certification Prep Options

From books to online tests to bootcamps, there are a lot of ways to approach that certification test. We'll help you sort out your options.

Practice Tests

There are several types of practice tests out there. Many sites, like this one, host a small number of free questions to help you test your readiness for an exam. Other sites will sell you a large bank of practice questions, along with study guides or detailed descriptions with each question. Prices start at $30 and go up into the hundreds. You can also purchase online practice tests and training, which will also range in price depending on features and support options.

Certification Study Books

Books are often the least expensive and simplest way to study for your exams. If you already have some knowledge of your subject, they are a great way to prepare. Most certification books come with practice questions on CD and other helpful study tools.

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