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Book, Software & Certification Top Picks

Want to know the best practice tests, books, software, or certification websites? This is the place to find out what products and services rank high in my selection of certification top picks.
Top Certifications for 2009
This handful of certifications was chosen based on what I hear from all of you readers who are out there. The choices were made based on the profitability of the certifications, the relevance in today's market, and from the popularity of the certifications discussed here on About.com.[p] I have tried to include salary information for each of these certifications but the figures are just averages…
FAQ: Which book is best?
Which study guide should you buy when studying for a computer certification? There are several ways to pick the right book for you.
Computer Networking Certifications
Looking to upgrade your skills with a certification in computer networking? Here are my top 5 picks for the best computer networking certifications.
Top Java Certification Books
Guide Top Picks for Java Certification Books. If you are studying for your Java Certification exams, check out this list of great Java Certification books. Read book reviews and compare prices.
Top Ten Certifications to get in 2006
When asked what certifications they will be working towards this year, readers responded and here are the results . . .
Top Certifications to Begin Your IT Career
If you are looking to get a foot in the door of Information Technology, there are a few certifications that might help. Here are my top picks.
Top Software-Based Training Tools
How can you be sure you are prepared for your certification tests? Here is my list of the top providers of software-based practice exams for IT Certifications.
Top 10 Certification Websites
In the eternal search for good, quick, and reliable information I have come across a few great sites. Here are five certification websites that rose to the top of the pile.
Top 11 Microsoft Certification Books
From MCSE to MOUS, here are some of the best-selling certification study guides.
Top 3 Java Certification Books
Check out a quick selection of great Java certification books.
Top 3 Novell Certification Books
View a selection of top Novell Certification Books.
Top 4 Oracle Certification Books
Check out the top books for Oracle certification.
Top 5 Certifications for Freelancers and Consultants
If you are ready to strike out on your own, or perhaps you are already out there, prove your skills to clients with these certifications for freelancers and consultants.
Top 6 Cisco Certification Books
Need to study for your Cisco exam? View my top picks for Cisco certification study guides.
Top A+ Certification Books
Find out which book will work best for your level of knowledge and study habits.
Top A+ Training Products
If you are studying for your A+ exams then find out what providers of online and software training will prepare you to achieve your A+ certification.
Top CIW Certification Books
Read reviews and compare prices of my top picks for CIW certification study guides.
Top CompTIA Certification Books
From Network+ to Server+, here is a selection of the top certification books for CompTIA exams.
Top Microsoft Office Specialist Books
Whatever you want to call it, MOUS or Microsoft Office Specialist, here are the books that will help you get certified.
Top Microsoft Training Kits
Compare five software training kits that will help prepare you for your Microsoft certification exams.
Top Project Management Certification Books
Review the top certification study guides for those studying for their PMP or Project+ certifications.

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