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Video Game Development Certifications

Video games, both for PC and consoles are hugely popular and if you plan to become more than a gamer and need to prove your skills as a developer, then certification might help you get a coveted position as a video game developer. Many colleges are offering courses that lead to degrees and certification. The following links will help you find more information on courseware, training, and certification.
Gatlin Video Game Design and Development Certificate Program
Gatlin Education offers an online video game design and development program. The program is only offered through colleges and universities so you must be a registered student to take the course. It is online and self-paced.
The Art Institutes Game Art & Design Program
Technically, this is not an IT certification. It is an online program for a Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design. The focus of this degree is on the artistic side of gaming rather than the development.
Creating Today's Winning Games
From Businessweek.com, "Ninja Theory's Mike Ball, creator of PS3 flagship title Heavenly Sword talks about skills you need to create for the new consoles."
The Game Institute
This full online program offers multiple courses, from the most basic, to the most advanced, to help you become a skilled game developer. Software and even graphics are also available. All courses are self-paced and materials can be downloaded once you sign-up.

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